Motto,Vision,Missions and Policy

  Technological University (Banmaw)


            “From Now’s Innovation to Future’s Creativity”


  • To cultivate and improve the development of mind, body and personality of the students and enable them to contribute in community effectively with their innovative ideas.


  1. To make good environment for engineering education giving students knowledge, skills and attitude
  2. To facilitate learning through both practical and theoretical basis
  3. To encourage innovative ideas of students and raise them up

Quality Policy

  1. To produce the qualified and skilful Engineers supporting for the development of the nation with the research and innovation by    implementing the good, social learning environment combined with theory and practical.
  2. To carry out continual development of good learning environment using outcome based education system in accordance with international standard.
  3. To get satisfaction of the customers with good service by carrying out continual development and evaluating in accordance with Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015).

Quality Objectives

  1. To become an ISO 9001:2015 certified University in 2020
  2. To empower the staff to be skilled through at least two trainings a year
  3. To promote as a locally famous university in terms of quality